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It all began back in the 50's ....

The Dipsy Doodle building was originally "Clayton’s" back in the 50’s. At that time, it was physically located up the road a piece where Exit 19 currently exists. When exit 19 was added to highway 95, the building had to be moved. So, it took a short little ride down the road a piece to where it stands now at 143 Park Street. 


Later, during the 70's and 80's, it became "Jim's Drive In" and it flourished for several years with many happy customers. Some of which still come in today to tell me they still remember too.


Some time around 2005, it became the "Dipsy Doodle" owned and operated by Rob Pearlman, Judy and Jonathan Dupuis. The Dipsy Doodle soon became a well known established Ice Cream Bar thanks to its wonderful community and summer visitors. In 2013 Mark and Jennifer Pettigrew bought the restaurant and took care of it for several years.

In the Summer Season of 2017, this old but loved building once again changed ownership, but the Dipsy Doodle name remains. Michael & Katherine Hall, as new owners, strive to carry on the wonderful tradition that the Dipsy Doodle has established with wonderful food and delicious ice cream. We hope to serve the community and travelers alike with smiles and good service.


This old but very loved building has gone through a lot of exciting times in the last 50 years and we hope to have another wonderful 50 years of fun and excitement here at the Dipsy!

Ice Cream Party
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