Smooth, creamy, simply delicious!

Voted World's Best!


Rich, creamy, and chocolatey;

A chocolate lovers dream! Oh so deliciously the best chocolate in New Hampshire!


Ripe delicious strawberries pack this sweet, creamy treat with the flavor of summer. Best strawberry ice cream in NH!


Like your first cup of coffee in the morning...

smooth, rich and creamy

Black Raspberry

Ripe black raspberry puree blended with our rich and smooth creamy ice cream. Makes the most awesomest Frappe!

Black Raspberry Yogurt

​Smooth black raspberry yogurt & rich chocolate chips. Summertime in a low-fat scoop!

Campfire S'mores

Chips of Chocolate crunch and marshmallow ripple swirled in delicious graham ice cream. 

Taste just like S'mores!

Cookie Dough

Big chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough and plenty of chocolate chips all mixed in vanilla ice cream.

Fly Fishing Fudge

M&M's, cookie dough and chocolate pieces jumping in & out of a fudge river flowing through vanilla ice cream!

Maple Walnut

Pure maple syrup from Maine and English walnuts make this ice cream absolutely yummy! 

Cotton Candy

Pretty pink and blue ice cream that tastes just like cotton candy!

Orange Sherbet

The best orange sherbet and 99% fat free with natural fruit puree. Yum!

Peanut Butter Pie

A rich graham cracker ribbon ties up delicious peanut butter ice cream & chunks of peanut butter cups! Yes!

Pink Peppermint Stick

Seriously... peppermint candy crunch, all mixed up in a cool, pink pepperminty ice cream is the yummiest way to cool off from the summer heat.

Sea Salt Caramel Truffle

Sea salt caramel ice cream rippled with sea salt caramel yumminess and loaded with chocolate sea salt caramel mini-melts; oooh yea

Toasted Coconut

Subtly sweet coconut ice cream loaded with chocolate-dusted coconut shreds, transporting your taste buds to their own private island.

Flavor of the Day Surprises

Some flavors sell out fast 

but we get deliveries every other day.

Come by and visit often & check out our Flavor of the Day!

Hand Scooped Ice Cream

blended with milk & ice cream

Blackberry Frappe

Orange Cream sickle Frappe

Oreo Cookie Frappe

Chocolate Frappe

Coffee Frappe

Vanilla Frappe


blended with soda & ice cream

Root beer & Vanilla ice cream

Orange & Vanilla ice cream

Orange & Orange Sherbet

Sprite & Vanilla ice cream

Sprite & Strawberry ice cream


soda & ice cream scoops

Root beer & Vanilla

Coke & Vanilla

Orange & Vanilla

Coke, Cherry juice & Vanilla

Create it

soft serve or hand scooped

choose any flavor of ice cream

choose Frappe, Freeze or Float

add a topping too

we'll blend it just right

Frappe's, Freezes & Floats
Soft Serve








Dipsy Cyclone

Soft Serve vanilla spun together with a heaping scoop of one of these...

  Oreo cookie crumbles

  Heath Bar


  Marshmallow Cream

  Peanutbutter topping

Banana Split

One scoop each, vanilla, chocolate & twist covered in strawberries, hot fudge and caramel then topped with whipped cream nuts and cherries 


Strawberry Sundae

Hot Fudge Sundae

Pineapple Sundae

Caramel Sundae

Banana's & Strawberry Sundae

Marshmallow Sundae

Peanut Butter Sundae

Oreo crumbles


Heath Bar crumbles

Peanut butter cups



Gummy Bears

Hot Fudge


Marshmallow Cream

Peanut butter topping

Whipped Cream






Prices subject to change. Current pricing given at time of order. We do our best to keep prices as stable as possible. 

Prices do not include NH 9% sales tax

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